Tunein Radio

You can install an App on your cellphone called Tunein Radio.

It is free.

Just go to your App Store on your cellphone or pad and click on search.

Type in Tunein Radio and it will come up.

Install it and choose Browse.

Under Browse you will have things like Local Radio, Music and By Location.

Check these out and you will find some stations to pick from.

You can try them and then add them to your Favourites .

There are a huge number of radio stations listed on this app. even from Nipawin, Carrot River.

and Tisdale. You have 4 choices at the bottom of the screen, Live, Favourites, Browse and Settings.

Once you choose a Favourite it will appear under this list.

Picture of what a bunch of Favourites might look like in Tunein.

Contact pro.cjne@sasktel.net if you have any questions.